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Dec 2, 2013 12:00pm PST
the condition of the carrying actor paul walker before it crashed. the evidence some point to as a possible cause. >> announcer: closed captioning brought to you by -- >>> tomorrow, sonoma county supervisors will consider plans to build a park in honor of a teenage boy shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy while the boy was carrying a replica gun. a memorial with flowers and pictures was created for 13- year-old andy lopez near the spot where he was shot. now, supporters are hoping the site will be turn into a park to memorialize the teen. lopez was killed when the deputy thought the toy gun lopez was carrying was real. the shooting is still under investigation. >>> a warning to bank customer in vallejo, where thieves are stealing money from careless atm users. there have been a series of recent crimes. alex savage shows us how people are becoming victims and what we did when we caught a woman making the same mistake. >> reporter: thieves are looking for people who forget to end their transaction before walking away. that leaves an opening for thieves who sneak in and steal cash. >> some
Dec 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
the pod back out to the ocean. >>> new details about the death of "fast and furious" star paul walker. he and roger rodas died in a fiery car crash in santa clarita on saturday. the coroner says walker died of a combination of traumatic injuries and burns and rodas died of traumatic injuries. both men died within seconds of the crash and that dental records show that rodas was the diver. >>> human error could be the blame for last sunday's deadly train derailment in new york. a union says the engineer, william rockefeller, admitted to losing focus and was in a daze seconds before the crash. the train derailed after hitting a curve at 80 miles an hour. four people were killed and dozens were injured. >> it was a shock to him. you know, he was stunned. he went to try to correct it as fast as he could. >> investigators have eliminated mechanical failure as a cause and are focusing on the crew who have tested negative for alcohol. this morning nearly all rail service resumed on the busy north hudson line for the first time since the derailment. >>> a man suspected of killing a person over a v
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2